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Be Aware Of What You Are Thinking

Most of us by now have heard that our thoughts and our perceptions create our reality and by changing our thinking we can change our world and our circumstances. So if everything starts at the thought realm, the question we should be looking at is the way we think and how we perceive things.

What is perception?

Other synonyms for perception are viewpoint, impression, idea, concepts, opinions, is based on our belief system, but are these beliefs really your beliefs? Were these beliefs picked up from our family, society, culture, religion, media or ancestry? Why is this important to know? It’s because we base our perception by what we’ve been told or what we see or hear through the media, TV, the news, from people and our environment.

The thoughts you have thought over a period of days, weeks, months or years and have emotionalised eventually become a part of your identity. What you continually think and feel is now defined by your past instead of your future, and will affect your health, because of all the stress hormones that have been released into the body. It also affects what you are broadcasting into the field.

Are you aware of what you are focusing on?

Be Aware Of What You Are ThinkingYou need to be aware of what you are noticing. If your buttons are being pushed by someone or something notice what thoughts and emotions come up. If you want to create change in your life, you must be aware of those thoughts and emotions that are  causing the frustration, disappointment, anxiety, resentment and so on that is coming up for you. Feel those emotions and after they dissipate then say CHANGE meaning that you don’t continue to think those thoughts again.

Now think about what it is that you want. If you want to create change in your life the way to do so is by imagining what it is that you would truly want. Then think and feel those thoughts that haven’t manifested yet and feel them intensely so that these new thoughts and feelings will replace the old thoughts and feelings that were there. So now you are broadcasting a new signal into the field, which will eventually bring forth the new creation you are thinking and feeling.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, health problems, or relationship problems, it may be a challenge to see how changing your thoughts and your emotions could change the situation. The fact of the matter is that at this present moment you may not have enough money to take care of your needs, or maybe you are in pain or have a relationship issue. This is what you don’t have right now. This is what all of your five senses are perceiving….what you don’t have.

How do you change this?

  1. Understand that the way we create anything is through our thoughts and emotions.
  2. Hold on to the intention of what it is that you want, and consider that it has been done. You see it as done.
  3. Take a baby step towards that inevitable outcome.

You start to give thanks that it has already happened. Think about this, when you feel gratitude you usually give thanks when you get or have received something. Right? It means that the event has already occurred and you move into gratitude. Here’s the thing. Your body starts to believe the event has already taken place and you will believe and surrender to that thought, and eventually you will experience that event.

This is a process that you need to do and experience on a daily basis and you will see the Universe give you feedback through coincidences and synchronicities. Now that you have some idea how this works are you going to put this into practice and notice those disempowering thoughts and feelings and change them? Start the process with the end result in mind of what you want to create.

If you need some help, I would like to invite you for a Complimentary Optimum Health session to help you get started, just click here.

Remember that at your core you are magnificent, powerful and awesome!

To Your Optimum Health,

Brenda Blindenbach
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Health & Wellness Coach

Opening Pandora’s Box

I’m probably opening Pandora’s box here because I have a question for you that I’d like you to answer. Please honestly answer the question and you may glean the reason for why you may not be taking this particular action.

Opening Pandora's Box for Optimum HealthOver the years I have offered many complimentary coaching sessions. There have been many people who have taken me up on the offer and I’m truly grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to serve them.

Here’s my question.

Were you one of them? If not I’d really like to know the reason why this didn’t interest you.

Was it because of a fear that you’d be pressured to work with me? If you wanted to and didn’t was it because you’d have to do the work and would have to be accountable? or are there other reasons that you could share with me that I’m not aware of that you’d like me to know?

Here’s my take on it.

I’ve been there and I’ve experienced this first hand, so I know what you may be experiencing. Transformation, even though we may want it, is scary. Transformation means change, and change can be hard.

There can be a lot of resistance, so even though we know that in the long run it’s a good thing, we hesitate doing what we know we need to be doing.

Does this resonate with you?

That’s the reason we have coaches and mentors who are there to help you, because they have traveled the path. I’m not saying that they know everything, however they have been where you are now.

They are familiar with what you are going through and because of that, can point you in the right direction. They are familiar with the terrain. They know what works and what doesn’t.

They help people overcome their hidden fear of change, and support them in overcoming their fears to step into transformation. This often involves helping them see other fears that may also be hidden.

The question is:

Are you more committed to be comfortable in the moment and being where you are even if it means that you never get the transformation that’s been provided for you?

Or are you willing to be helped and supported by me and have the fears come up, and be released? The fact of the matter is when you don’t deal with the issue, whatever it is — the problem is still there and won’t go away on its own.

I’m guessing that you’re willing to take that small step of dipping your toe into the water and testing it. I offer a few complimentary coaching sessions every week. I invite you to book yours now:

I want to clarify something here. Although the link says reverse my diabetes strategy session, this is also for those who have pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome and for those who want to lose weight or are in pain. Health issues stem from hormonal, dietary, emotional imbalance, autoimmune conditions, stress and side effects of stress, among other things.

That’s the reason for having a Discovery or Strategy session. It’s to see what is at the core of the problem, and how to change it at the source. Here’s the link again:

Remember that at your core you are magnificent, powerful and awesome!

To Your Optimum Health,

Brenda Blindenbach
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Health & Wellness Coach

Happy 2016

Happy 2016! I had a wonderful holiday season with my family and friends. I hope you did too. As I move my attention to what’s coming up for me in 2016, I look at what’s being presented to me by the Universe, according to the intentions that I’ve broadcasted into the field. The Universe always answers. One of the ways it does this is by sending opportunities my way. My job is to first be aware of what’s being presented to me and then check them out, see if it resonates with me and then act on it.

This is the way I’ve operated for many years and have found that as I connect the dots through little synchronicities that were sent my way by the Universe, they lead me in the right direction. On the way to where I’m being led, I usually have to make some course corrections, which brings me back on path again.

How To Treat Type 2 Diabetes BookAn example of this is how I came to write my book ““How To Treat Type 2 Diabetes. Discover The Secrets In Reversing Insulin Resistance” which will be published on Amazon on January 4th 2016.

I found out through an email I received that type two diabetes could be reversed. This news astounded me, because I was told that the disease would get progressively worse and I’d have to take insulin for the rest of my life. (I’ve been on oral medications for 10 years and insulin for 16 years)

Can you see that this was an opportunity being presented to me to check it out? I could have easily let the opportunity slip by and do nothing. However I decided to research it for myself and found I couldn’t ignore the studies that proved type two diabetes could and has been reversed by thousands of people.

So I used all that research that I did and used it on myself. I can’t describe my excitement as over the next few months I saw the changes that occurred in my health and life.

Guess what? What kept being presented to me after this was to write a book with all this information I had researched, to help others who are in the same position that I was in, and publish it on Amazon. So now you get the benefit of it as well if you so choose.

It’s available to download for free from January 4th to January 8th 2016. You can get the details here:

Thank you for being a part of this community. I’m so grateful for your love and support and for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

Wishing that this New Year will move you towards optimum health and well-being.

Remember that at your core you are
magnificent, powerful and awesome,

Brenda Blindenbach

What Have You Accomplished This Year?

Wow can you believe it’s December already? As you continue to walk through this last month of 2015, take the time to reflect on the successes and the things you’ve accomplished this year. Often we don’t take time to reflect, or tend to make light of our breakthroughs, and focus on what we didn’t do or could have done, and this is a big mistake.

Instead if you look back over the last eleven months you probably accomplished so much more than what you’re able to recall off the top of your head, which means you have to take some time now and write them down to remind yourself of just how much and what you have accomplished.

Focus On What You Accomplished This Year

Begin by writing in a journal/piece of paper by answering these questions:

  1. What challenges did you overcome this year? (in any area of your life, big or small)
  2. What new things did you learn and have put into practice?
  3. What things did you let go of and instead allowed and accepted into your life?
  4. What cool places did you see?
  5. What impact did you make in someone’s life? How were you able to help them? A word of encouragement, a phone call when they were down, sent them a card or a gift?
  6. What did you do for yourself that made you aware of how wonderful and amazing you are?

Validate Yourself

Often we look for validation or approval from others because we’re looking to them to see the best in us especially when we feel down or unsupported. Even though this may be a challenge when this happens to you, try getting whatever you need from someone else, and give it to yourself first.

Ask yourself what is it that I need right now for my body? or what is it that I need to remind myself about now that is truth that will lift my spirits up? Be there for yourself. Make this a habit.

Here is a wonderful quote from Louise L. Hay’s which hits the nail on the head. “You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” Remember that the most fulfilling form of validation comes from within, and you can provide it for yourself.

As you do the above exercise it will help you to see how you can be your own morale booster providing yourself with practical and emotional support on a daily basis.

I’d love it if you’d take a moment to share what you have accomplished this year.


How To Treat Type 2 Diabetes BookI’m happy and excited to announce that my book “How To Treat Type 2 Diabetes – Discover The Secrets In Reversing Insulin Resistance” is scheduled to be published on Amazon on Jan 4th 2016. It’s available for downloading for free for a few days only so if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on this you can be the first to be notified about it by filling out the form here:

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and the very best in the coming year.

Remember that at your core you are magnificent, powerful and awesome!

Love and Blessings,

Brenda Blindenbach
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Transformational Coach


Working On The Inner Game

What does it mean by Working on The Inner Game?

Even though you’ve probably heard the term “the inner game” thrown around have you wondered what it really means?

First the fact that there is an inner game implies that there is an outer game. Every game is composed of two parts, an outer game and an inner game.

Inner Game

The inner game has to do with the obstacles of self doubt, anxiety, disempowering beliefs and other obstacles in the way that prevent us from achieving our dreams.

Who are you?

Often when we want to create or manifest a dream that we have, we start building it without first coming from a place that we know we are going to succeed. Knowing who you really are is the place where you begin.

It’s immersing yourself in the truths that you are a co-creator with the Universe, that the Universe is connecting the dots for you, that miracles are happening in your life, and that you are powerful.

You didn’t incarnate into this world so that you had to figure everything out with your conscious mind. Being in that unknown place creates infinite possibilities that the Universe always knows.

When you really know the truth of who you are, when you really know this, creating what you desire becomes comparatively easy because it removes the struggle of knowing how it’s all going to manifest. You don’t have to figure how it’s going to happen.

That’s the job of the Universe. However you do need to know or at least have a general idea of what it is that you do want to create. You don’t need to know the details. In fact it becomes a challenge to know the specifics using just your five senses. That’s what we usually do. We use our five senses to give us the answers when really that’s not it’s job.

It’s when we try to figure out the details that we get stressed out, doubt ourselves, want to quit and so on. What also takes most of us out before we are even out of the gate is when we are unaware of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions; we are just like a fallen leaf…blown aimlessly by the wind because our emotions and reactions control us.

When you are aware of who you are, you feel empowered, powerful and confident, and now instead of sailing without a rudder you allow the wind to catch the sail on your sailboat to carry you where you want it to go.

Where does it start?

So the inner game is where it all starts, which is working on yourself, knowing what makes you tick, what makes you sad, happy, fearful and so on. It’s knowing that you’re not on your own, that the Universe has your back is covered. It’s asking the questions (I call it staying in the question) and then listening to the answers you receive and then taking little baby steps to get you moving forward.

Part of the inner game also means releasing your fears and becoming aware of why you react to things the way you do, so that you can release those feelings to allow new patterns in your life to emerge. However if you don’t release those fears they remain active somewhere deep inside your subconscious influencing all your behaviors.

When you encounter road blocks and you most certainly will, instead of making decisions based on reactions, you will remind yourself of the truths of who you are and act on the validity of those truths.

Here’s the bottom line – do you on a deep level know who you really are?

Stay with this question until you KNOW (not only on a mental, but on a soul level) that you are the Universe. You are boundless, a powerful co-creator, and infinite. When you come from this knowingness everything is possible.

That’s the reason we need to work on our inner game because we often forget who we are and return to our default program that tells us differently.

  • What are some of the emotional road blocks you are facing in your, finances, health or life right now?
  • What would it take for you to feel empowered and feel complete in all areas of your life?
  • What would that look like?
  • How would that feel?

Begin by answering these questions and start the process of working on your inner game. If you need help in getting answers to these questions, here is a way that I can assist you…

Get your complimentary 30 minute Self Discovery Intro Session here:

Remember that at your core you are magnificent, powerful and awesome!

Love and Blessings,

Brenda Blindenbach
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
& Transformational Coach