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A Theta Healing Session

What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a holistic healing technique which directly addresses your subconscious mind and removes the limiting programs that prevent you from accessing what you desire. Theta is a surprisingly fast and easy way to make permanent, lasting, and effective changes in your life.

88% of your mind is controlled by your subconscious, which means you are on auto-pilot much of the time using only 12% for conscious thought. The word “Theta” refers to the Theta Brain Wave. You access the theta state or brain wave in REM sleep, when you are daydreaming or in a deep meditative state.

A practitioner goes into the Theta brain wave to witness the healing. It’s a profound alternative medicine modality and you don’t even have to believe to receive results. The only thing you need to believe is that you can be at your best.

Muscle testing is used to ask questions of your subconscious to determine what beliefs you are currently holding on any given area of interest. You will actually see the results of how your body shifts before and after the session.

Once an old belief is pulled and replaced with a new empowering belief, the muscle test will change and in most cases the subject feels much better immediately.

Most of us don’t realize that there are our subconscious is holding beliefs we probably don’t even realize we have. Once the old belief is cleared, you feel liberated, free and ready to move forward.

How does a Theta Healing Session Work?

If this is your first session, the practitioner will begin by answering any questions you have. After that, the practitioner will demonstrate and explain the workings of muscle testing. This typically takes only a few minutes, but could take longer if you are dehydrated or demineralized.

Once you are muscle testing clearly, the practitioner will do basic Theta Healing presentations based on “Theta 101” teachings. These are some basic programs about love and healing that will facilitate you to heal much faster.

Quantum Physics tells us that it is our subconscious programs, or beliefs, that shape our reality, so the practitioner will talk with you and perform intuitive readings to discover the subconscious programs underlying the problems in your life.

You will then use muscle testing to determine which negative programs are in your subconscious. For example, if you are having a problem earning money, you may find that you muscle test true to the belief “I have to be poor to be close to God”, which means that it is in your subconscious mind.

The practitioner will then access the theta state to shift these beliefs so that the client’s subconscious programming will be compatible with bringing them what they consciously desire in life.

After the practitioner has accessed the theta state and used the Theta Healing technique to shift the program, you should be muscle testing yourself again to check if the belief has shifted.

Sometimes the muscle test result will change in an instant. Other times, it may not change – this means that there are other subconscious programs that are beneath, or anchoring, the negative program which need to be changed first.

For example, you may have the subconscious program “I have to be poor to be close to God”. The practitioner goes to shift this, but it does not change.

Why? Because you may be carrying a vow of poverty from a past life. You should then be muscle testing yourself once again for the belief “I have a vow of poverty”, and get a yes or true answer, which means you have this subconscious belief.

The practitioner then clears the vow, and again you should be muscle testing yourself n to see if the belief.”I have to be poor to be close to God” has cleared. If it has you will find that that it has shifted to false or a no answer.

All changes are performed only with the informed consent of the client – in fact; the Theta Healing Technique does not work without this informed consent.The theta session typically ends with a physical healing or manifestation

If you are working on a health problem, the practitioner will access the theta state to witness an instant energetic healing of the client’s physical challenges. Clients often see dramatic changes as a result.

For non-health issues such as prosperity and relationships, the session can end with a guided manifestation, where the practitioner leads you through a special meditation to call forth whatever it is you desire to have in your life.

Theta healing sessions can be done in person or over the phone – distance is not a factor. In addition to working incredibly well for humans, Theta Healing has also been used on animals with great results.

What Can I Expect To Get Out Of My Theta Healing Session?

First it is important to distinguish between a cure and a healing. A cure is a medical term regarding a change in specific measurable symptoms from an underlying condition.

A healing means the client receives the support and transformation that is most appropriate for their current situation and that he or she is most ready to accept. All clients will experience a powerful healing.

While nearly everyone does receive some immediate change, for some people there are emotional and spiritual issues that are at the core of the physical problems and hence need to be resolved first before achieving substantial permanent physical recovery.

So, it is not uncommon for people to at first experience primarily emotional/spiritual healing, possibly along with some physical recovery. The rest of the physical recovery may come later when the emotional/spiritual aspects have been fully resolved.

However, the healing may or may not include a cure for the specific reason they came to a Theta Healer. For some terminally ill clients, the healing may be to remove the fear of death and to smooth relations with friends and family so they may cross over in peace and love. Even when a healing does not include a cure it can be a wonderful, life changing experience!

Still, many people have experienced miraculous instant healings from Theta Healing and only need one session of Theta Healing session demonstration to achieve dramatic or complete recovery from long standing problems. In other cases the healing comes more gradually, or in more subtle forms.Whatever your situation, you will receive the healing that is most in line with your highest and best good.

Theta Healing Brenda Blindenbach

*Contact Brenda Blindenbach for support in aligning your inner and outer blueprint for success with Theta Healing.

What is Muscle Testing

What is muscle testing?

Muscle testing is a way for you to consciously and intentionally communicate with your body and with the non-physical part of yourself. It’s a way to get a “yes” or “no” answer to just about any question regarding your body and/or your beliefs.

Here’s How Muscle Testing Works:

Your body has an electromagnetic counterpart which surrounds and interpenetrates with the physical body itself. All thoughts and emotions also have electrical counterparts. Your thoughts and emotions affect your body’s energy field.

When you have a positive thought, (any thought that makes you feel good) the body’s energy field gets stronger and the muscles also get stronger. When you have a negative thought, (any thought that makes you feel bad) the body’s energy field gets weaker and the muscles also get weaker.

By distinguishing the differences in muscle strength, a person can get a “yes” or “no” answer to many questions relating to his/her body and to his/her personal life.

What Is It Good For?

With regard to your physical body, it’s a non-invasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs. With regard to your subconscious mind, it’s a way to find the limiting beliefs implanted there. When you access the theta state and the Theta Healing technique the blocks can be remove and replaced with a positive and beneficial beliefs.

Regardless of which technique is used, the process involves getting an accurate “yes” or “no” answer from your inner-self.

Muscle testing yourself.

In Theta Healing® we have many methods to muscle test and here are a couple of the most common ones. Before a Theta Healing® session you will be asked to become familiar with this method. But before you try this, drink water first, as muscle testing will not give clear, accurate results if you are dehydrated.

Method 1 – Standing method

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Face north, in a balanced, neutral position.

Make sure you are standing very tall, with no bend in your knees and your head and shoulders held high but comfortable (no straining!). To test, say “YES” – you should feel yourself tilting forward. Next, rebalance yourself, and say “NO” – you should feel yourself tilting backwards.

Method 2 – Circle and Press

  1. Make a circle with the thumb and ring finger of your non-dominant hand.
  2. Insert the thumb and index fingers of the other hand into this circle from the bottom.
  3. Hold light tension in the circle.
  4. As you ask questions, press the fingers inserted into the circle outward.
  5. Yes = the circle stays closed and holds the press fingers inside.
  6. No = the circle opens.


  1. Make a circle with the thumb and ring finger of your non-dominant hand.
  2. Insert the index finger of the other hand into the circle from either the top or bottom.
  3. Hold light tension in the circle.
  4. As you ask questions, pull the index finger and circle apart.
  5. Yes = the circle stays closed and holds the index pointer inside.
  6. No = the circle allows the index pointer to pull out

What should you do when muscle testing yourself is not clear?

While it is generally extremely accurate, there are a variety of factors that can influence muscle testing. The most important factors include:

  • Hydration – dehydrated people do not muscle test properly. Drink plenty of water.
  • Massage your mid back by the kidneys.
  • Demineralization – you cannot muscle test properly if you do not have enough minerals in your system
  • Stress – powerful emotional triggers can make muscle testing more difficult

Theta Healers are trained to recognize when people are not muscle testing properly and have a variety of ways to work with the client to get accurate muscle testing results.

What to do to get ready for your consultation:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and remove any large pieces of jewelry/metal down the center of your body (large belt buckles, necklaces, etc.)
  • Drink lots of water and be fully hydrated. Have extra water near you.
  • Determine which direction is North in your location.
  • Block out 20 minutes free from distractions for the session
  • Find a quiet, private area with a comfortable chair make sure you have room to stand up and have phone access.

Videos on Muscle Testing Yourself

As a Theta Healing practitioner, I always find muscle testing to be an important tool!

Muscle Testing Brenda Blindenbach


Theta Healing Instructor Training

I am so excited to announce that I am attending the Theta Healing Instructor Training and the advanced course this week from Vianna Stibal.  I mentioned this on  and wanted to share this with you here.

You’ve probably heard about the five different brain waves- Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta and Gamma which all function differently. In Theta, brain waves are slowed to a frequency of four to seven cycles per second, which helps you to access the theta state.

When a person can access the theta state, holds it consciously and connect with Source it’s like tapping into the energy of an electrical outlet, and instant healings, manifestations and miracles can take place.

Many of us have used a variety of tools and techniques like vision boards, affirmations and so on and have seen little or no shifts take place in our lives. That’s because our subconscious mind rules our reality, and those conscious desires may not be in alignment or are opposite to the programs we have in our subconscious mind.

So if you have blocks in your subconscious, it’s going to be almost impossible to make some of these changes. When you work with your subconscious and clear these subconscious blocks or programs you will start to get results.

To see  shifts take place in your life you have to get into your subconscious mind, identify what those limitations are and release them. Theta healing which can be likened to a 5th dimensional tool, can do exactly that; it helps you to access the theta state.

The old energy will keep you stuck in the 4th dimension and the only way you will find a solution is through applying a higher dimensional energy. We’ve been trying to solve 5th dimensional problems using 4th dimensional tools and it’s not working.

This is understandable when we didn’t know that there was another option. However this is not the case anymore. Theta healing is a very powerful state, the state used in hypnosis, and by the Hawaiian Healers when they would access the Theta state to walk on hot lava.

The reason we have not been able to achieve change easily is because we have been raised with the beliefs that we have limitations. So the Universe is now giving us cutting edge high frequency tools that are needed to bring healing to us on an individual as well as a collectively level.

So it’s up to us to check these new modalities that we are being blessed with that do the work much more quickly and effectively.

Theta healing is all about teaching another person how to use the belief work to heal themselves. As I keep doing this work on myself, I am manifesting what I want quicker and am becoming a more effective healer.

Have you been looking for another way to dissolve the limitations that you have? If you want to be shown a way to dissolve your limitations, a way to release them, and look beyond the confines of your reality …

Will share with you about the workshop when I return – Let’s hear your thoughts on this. Please leave your questions and comments below.