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What Do You Do When Opportunities Are Presented To You?

What Do You Do When Opportunities Are Presented To You?

What do you do when something’s being presented to you? Are you wondering what that means? The Universe is always presenting opportunities to us every day, but more often than not we don’t recognize them and they pass us by.

So to prevent that opportunity from slipping away, instead of dismissing what’s being presented to you, take a look at it, and check it out. When an opportunity is presented to you what usually happens is that some kind of inner conflict or dialogue occurs.

Maybe you have a thought that says it’s too much work, or you don’t have the time, it’s too expensive, you don’t have the expertise or some other reason comes up. If you listen to those voices you may have just lost an opportunity that could have opened up doors to your success.

It doesn’t mean that everything that is presented to you will work out for you. But how will you know unless you check it out? Checking it out allows you to say yes to saying no.

For a long time I would dismiss what was being presented to me, and when I stopped doing that, the opportunities that have come my way have been priceless. Let me give you a couple of examples.

A few months ago I was approached by Voice America, Live Internet Talk Radio, to host a one hour 13 week show. I can honestly tell you that I didn’t have any desire to do the show when I was asked about it.

As I looked at what was being presented to me I realized that it would afford me a greater online presence, I could repurpose the shows, increase my data base and visitors to my website. So I said yes. Was it easy? Not by a long shot. It brought up all kinds of ‘stuff” up for me, which of course I had to keep clearing on. I ended doing things that I never realized I was capable of doing. All great for my growth!

A month ago I was presented with another opportunity…

I was invited to take part in Your Divine Biz Gifts Giveaway, and I went through the same process of not wanting to do it. Guess what though? All that I learned as a host for the radio show I have put to great use in this next opportunity.

  • How many times have you downloaded a free eBook or audio meditation, and it has shifted your perspective on something?
  • How many times have you signed up for a gift from someone and it transformed your life?

A small gift can make a HUGE difference. That’s what’s going to be presented to you shortly from me and from hundreds of other spiritual entrepreneurs and you get to choose which gifts you want.

The doors are open to Your Divine Biz Gifts Giveaway on July 7th. Keep tuned for more info coming your way on this.

Love and Blessings,

Holistic Health Practitioner
& Transformational Coach



Unresolved Grief – Dealing with Grief During the Holidays

Unresolved grief can be very debilitating, especially if we don’t deal with it. When we use the word grief or grieving, most of us conjure up pictures of bereavement, but grieving is more than just for the loss of a loved one through death.

One grieves because of a divorce, separation from a partner, parents, siblings or friends, loss of a pet, a job, livelihood, business or health. The list goes on. Dealing with grief during the holidays can even amplify unresolved grief.

We have a lot of myths around grieving and the grieving process, one of which is the expectation that it takes only a short time and then it’s over and done with, and the healing has taken place.

That may be true for some but each person is different & has had a different relationship with the person they’ve lost, and the grieving process time is different for each individual.

So when a memory surfaces up months or years later & we get triggered we judge ourselves for feeling sadness or grief. We think (I’m paraphrasing “I thought I had dealt with this, why am I going through this again”?)

That’s because there are countless of memories in our subconscious that reoccur for the sole purpose of healing them. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. We just have to feel those emotions & release them.

Did you know that unresolved grief has a lower vibration than fear?

It’s in our collective consciousness. You just have to look around to be aware and feel this energy that is permeating our planet.

The good news is that we can change this by shifting these energies that are preventing us from operating from our highest potential and limitless self.

So if you don’t know how to clear these energies and don’t do it on a consistent basis then please join me on this free webinar Feeling Blue Over The Holidays — Group Coaching Grief Relief Session.

Here’s where you register:

Earlier this year I shared a little about the direction I was being led to move towards which had to do with my purpose. I’ve always known that one of my gifts was to teach, & my passion is to do with transformation & how to raise our vibration so that we can operate from our essence, or our limitless self.

For a long time I wasn’t sure who the special people were that I was called to work with. As I’ve become clearer I know that I’m to focus on women and children who have lost a loved one.

If you are still feeling unresolved grief…

Be sure to join us on our free webinar where I will be giving a group coaching grief relief session helping you in dealing with grief during the holidays.

Love & Blessings,

Brenda Blindenbach
Holistic Health Practitioner
& Transformational Coach

p.s. Be sure to share with those you love!

Transform Your Life By Healing Grief & Loss

As you know my passion is helping people heal their grief and loss. I want to send a big thank you to you if you voted for me at the Visionary Business Contest. I didn’t officially make it to the 2nd round of the contest, however all the contestants were given the opportunity to continue with the training.

The second level was to create a 2 page website, an opt in page, a video, content for either a Teleseminar, Webinar or a Live Event, and much more. I decided to go for the webinar.

Believe me this was a huge challenge for me and it stretched me to no end. After hours of working on it often to the wee hours of the morning (as there was a dead line to keep) I’m excited to say that the site is up and activated.

So here’s your invitation to join me on my “no-cost” Live online webinar:

Transform Your Life By Healing Grief And Loss

Learn to let go of pain and suffering.

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  • Learn about what causes pain and suffering
  •  Find out what resistance looks like
  • Discover how to let go of grief and loss
  • Find out how to be open
  • Learn what going with the flow really means

Join me as we take this journey together to learn how releasing or letting go of pain and suffering is imperative and the first step to creating your reality.


Date: Wednesday / October 16th, 2013

Time: 6:00pm (Pacific USA) 9:00pm (Eastern USA)



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So register now, and I’ll “see” you there!

PS Be sure to check out our Get Relief package if you are experiencing grief and loss and want to move into freedom and joy.

Some Thoughts On Releasing Grief, Loss And Longing

As we walk thorough life it’s common to notice some emotions of grief, loss, disappointments and longing that may not have been fulfilled.

We tend to make these emotions either bad or wrong, but whatever we are experiencing is exactly right, right now in this moment.

However you don’t want to sit in grief, loss, and longing for too long. When you notice it acknowledge it, own it, embrace and bless it and then release it.

Healing emotional pain will probably have to be done repeatedly because the thoughts that arise will trigger the memories that bring up the emotions.

That’s an indication that those memories (especially the ones you aren’t aware of) have still to be healed.

So how is this done? Just let go of pain. Letting go is easier than you realize. The difficulty arises when we want to hold on to it, or resist letting it go.

Moving forward in life requires us to let go of pain, to get unstuck. That’s why I find if I l know how to use a tool/method/or system, it helps in the release process.

It’s no different than having tools in your tool box and knowing when to reach for a hammer and nail for the specific job it’s meant to do. It’s a no brainer.

So too when you get triggered if you have a tool that’s easy and effective you will automatically reach for it and use it.

If you are unable to move on or don’t know of a way to easily and consistently release those emotions that are causing you pain which will allow you to move into joy, then allow me to help you.

Register for my next free live event here:

To your journey that propels you into a state of joy,


My Big Announcement

I’d like to share my global vision with you which for the past 7 years has been to teach, coach and support children (and their care givers) orphaned through aids, to release the grief and trauma of losing their parents.

Some of them have seen their parents die a slow lingering death over a period of a few years. Imagine how devastating that must be.

The challenge for me was that I didn’t even know where to begin. However I had to start by releasing or letting go of my conditioning, blocks, limiting beliefs and programs that were shouting at me that it was not possible, I had no resources, no marketing expertise or know how…

Releasing these conscious and unconscious blocks would allow me to see the answers and the opportunities that were hidden beneath the blocks. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

Well my big opportunity came just a week ago. I was given the opportunity to register in the Next Great Visionary Business Contest and FREE training program that Maggie Ostara co-created with Spirit.

There are 3 rounds of tasks to fulfill and trainings to experience and utilize. At the end of each round, we will be informed as to who will officially advance to the next round.

Whether I advance or not, I will have access to and be encouraged to take action on the training from all three rounds.

The most important prize for me is the transformation I will experience as a business owner-and the transformation in my business results that will result from me taking the actions required.

Here’s where you come in. I’m asking for your support, to walk along side me and say yes by:

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Read my short manifesto and profile.

As a way of saying thank you I’m gifting you with a free 6 mini video series with “4 powerful phrases that could Transform Your Life” and the pdf’s

I can’t express how excited I am for this opportunity that has been sent my way and for being blessed to share this with you.

Thank you so much!

Many Blessings and Love,


Do I Have a Treat for You? It’s Healthy Chocolate and Anti Aging

Healthy Chocolate and Anti aging — A Treat For You!

I can’t tell you how excited and absolutely delighted I am to pass this information to you. It’s based on research studies published by some of the top medical journals in the world on healthy chocolate and anti aging.

The videos are in bite size chunks all in one place for you to access at your convenience. You’ve been given “gold here” so I’m inviting you to seriously check them out and then decide if healthy chocolate is the easiest way to experience optimum health.

I would suggest that you start a new folder and save this newsletter so that you can get to these videos as often as you need to over the next few days or weeks.

There are 18 videos. I’ve listed some of them here:

Healthy Chocolate…

  • Anti Aging
  • Why
  • The first time
  •  Healthy Chocolate-Diabetes
  • The brain
  • Heart Health
  • Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Free radicals
  • Athletic performance
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease – healthy chocolate
  • Healthy Chocolate – Polyphenols and Flavanoids
  • Scientific review and Healthy Chocolate -The Essence.

These first two videos give you a basic understanding about healthy chocolate and anti aging.

Here is the link to the other 18 videos on Healthy Chocolate.

Healthy Chocolate

After you have watched the videos you will really have a good understanding of the science behind what free radical damage does to your body and how antioxidants especially in the form of healthy chocolate are crucial for optimum health and in preventing anti aging.

The question then arises is how are you going to use this information to prevent anti aging and increase the longevity and quality of your life?

Here are some steps that you could take.

  1. Contact us  via email at to find out what your next step could be – consuming Xocai healthy chocolate and anti aging products?
  2. Email me for my phone number to speak to me
  3. Forward this information to family or friends that you think could benefit from this information.

Who knows what a difference this can make in yours or a loved ones life? If this resonates with you please don’t keep it to yourself.  Be sure to share!

To your health and wellness,


p.s.  Click our link if you are ready to buy Xocai healthy chocolate and to find out more details.

Success Tips And Nuggets Of Wisdom for 2012

Here are some Success Tips & Nuggets of Wisdom for 2012

I’ve used these success tips and nuggets of wisdom to keep me on track by bringing them to my awareness on a regular basis. I hope these success tips and nuggets of wisdom will be of great help to you as well.

The answers to life’s questions all lay within you. All you need to do is to look or go within, listen and trust. Neale D. Walsch made this beautiful quote (and pun) “If you don’t go within you go without.”

You have been given all the tools and resources you need, however what you do with them is your choice, so seize the opportunities that come your way or they will pass you by.

There are no mistakes in life only choices and lessons. The perceived failed experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiments that ultimately work. A lesson is repeated until you’ve learned it and it will be repeated until you’ve learned it and then you can move on to the next lesson. Lessons never end.

People and the circumstances that you face are mirror images of you, your thoughts, beliefs and your conditioning. You can’t love or hate someone else unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself.

Merging success tips with source energy…

When you keep your focus on thoughts that are on things that are good, pure and lovely, suspend judgment of others, and choose to love without condition; when you look at every experience good or bad as a reason to be thankful you remain connected to Spirit.

Any hint of worry is simply an indication that you are pulling away from Source energy or your power. It’s a reminder from the universe that you need to return your attention to the dominant trend of your thoughts, which is, what makes you feel juicy, vibrant and alive.

The Universe is conspiring on your behalf. This belief is about knowing that the universe has your back covered. You can trust that good is always coming your way.

If this isn’t part of your internal programming you’re always looking for the other shoe to drop and when something good happens, you think, say or feel something bad is right on its heel. You’re always in a low fight or flight mode, always vigilant and can’t relax because you’re trying to figure out what’s going to come around the corner.

If the same things keep showing up at your doorstep continually and you want a different outcome then it’s time to change what’s been giving you the results you don’t want. That starts at the level of your thoughts which are the like seeds which will grow in the fertile soil of your mind and will either produce a harvest of weeds or an abundant crop of good food.

To help you implement these success tips and nuggets of wisdom click here to get your complimentary strategy session.

To Your Success,

Brenda Blindenbach Success Tips


PS.  If you have any success tips or nuggets of wisdom you’d like to share please use the comment section below.

Be Grateful For Who You Are

To be grateful for who you are, and what you have accomplished this year is a good way to bring this year to a close. For many of us we tend to focus on all our failures and on the areas we haven’t measured up, which impairs our self esteem.

However acknowledging yourself and remembering how important you really are, is a way of recognizing your worth.

How can you be grateful for who you are?

Self acknowledgement is the key to self love, so give yourself permission to acknowledge your talents, your uniqueness, your strengths and your greatness. Begin by taking an inventory of all the things that you would like to be acknowledged for.

Notice all the times you moved out of your comfort zone and went out on a limb. How you took that small action step that moved you in the direction of your dream helped someone with a word of encouragement or a smile.

What qualities surfaced up as a result of you accomplishing your outer goal? Was it your courage, kindness, your vulnerability, openness, generosity, or your compassion?

How did you unleash your greatness? How did you tap into your maximum potential? Who have you become from all of your triumphs, challenges and experiences? Notice and celebrate both the outer achievements, successes and breakthrough as well as the inner strengths that were always there but you may not have been aware of.

Acknowledge and be grateful for who you are.

You are a divine being but somewhere along your journey through life, you were given messages that told you that in some way or another you were flawed or not good enough.

Take the time now to own those qualities that are in you and be grateful for who you are and your worth. Rejoice in your loveliness and your beauty. There is no one quite like you. You are awesome, amazing and wonderful. Doesn’t that make you feel good? Why is that? It’s because that’s who you are at your essence.

So celebrate, acknowledge, rejoice and be grateful for who you are and your worth.

Leave a comment in the comment section about how you are grateful for who you are, and for all your triumphs and successes you’ve achieved this year.

I’ll leave you with these powerful inspiring words in this video on happiness for you to contemplate on so you can make it one of your intentions for the coming year.

To Your Success,

Brenda Blindenbach Be Grateful For Who You Are

p.s. If you have any questions please contact us and remember “Be Grateful For Who You Are!”

What Is Your Money Thermostat Setting Set At?

Do you know what your money thermostat setting is set at?

Do you make the same income year after year in spite of the fact that you’ve set a goal of making more money each year but very little seems to change?

Most people have a good idea of how a thermostat works as they probably have one in their home or office. The temperature that’s set on their thermostat is what the temperature of a room will be.

A thermostat is programmed to keep the temperature at a certain level. If it gets too cold then it turns up the heating, if it gets too hot then it turns off the heat and turns on the air conditioning until it gets back to the set temperature. So the temperature never strays more than a degree or two from the set point.

Likewise you also have a money thermostat which you’ve set that allows you to make a certain amount of money. The only way you will be able to make more money is by raising your money thermostat setting.

Raise Your Money Thermostat

If you want to know how to get off the frequency which produces the results you’ve been getting preventing you from making more money you have to find out what’s keeping you stuck at that holding pattern.

That holding pattern is called your paradigm, which are your beliefs about money, your beliefs about what you can achieve and your beliefs about what you can have and do.

What’s preventing you from getting to the place you want to get to?

How do you know what your money thermostat is set at?

It’s by looking at the results that are in your life or business. That’s where your money thermostat is set.

If you want to change the setting on your money thermostat, and move away from where you are to where you want to be, the first place is for you to find out what those paradigms are that are keeping you in this holding pattern.

What are the results you’d like to create? Clearing those limiting money paradigms will bring you clarity on how to move from where you are and move you in the direction to where you want to go.

How much money you can achieve is controlled by the thermostatic belief systems or paradigms that are governing your life. Change them and you will change the setting which will change the results or outcomes of what you want to achieve in your life or business.. A new Success Blueprint.

If you are ready to raise your old money thermostat and have it reset for a new one, register for the 6 Teleclass Workshop starting December 1st, 2011 Ready To Let Go, Change Your Beliefs, Create a Success Mindset.

To Your Success,

Brenda Blindenbach Set Money Thermostat

p.s.  If you have any questions please contact us and be sure to share with us your thoughts in our comments about the money thermostat.

What Can You Learn From a Dolphin Tale?

A Dolphin Tale is a movie inspired by the remarkable true story of a courageous dolphin named Winter and the compassionate strangers who banded together to save her life. It spoke so much to me that I am going to recommend that you see it, as there is so much you can learn from this movie.

It’s a story of faith, courage, fortitude and hope, all the essential attributes that we need to develop and embody in our life. The story is not just about Winter the dolphin who is the main character but several people who are dealing with challenges that are similar to what you and I deal with in our daily life and business and some of which are even more challenging.

Watching a Dolphin Tale

So if you watch this heartwarming and inspiring movie, here are some questions that you can ask yourself.

  • What is it that your heart is longing to be, to do, to have and to give that you may not be experiencing in your life right now?
  • What is your longing saying to you?
  • Are you willing to move one step closer to it and what do you think that would be?

A Dolphin Tale Brings Possibilities to Dream Again!

Consider what do you do when you fall short of a goal or a dream that hasn’t brought you the desired result in life or your business.

  • What do you do when you are feeling overwhelmed and depressed or experience despair and hopelessness?
  • Do you go inward and look for the solution?
  • And when you do get an answer do you dismiss it, talk yourself out of it, or do you look for the spark of a possibility that this could be the answer to your problem?

When we experience disappointment often, over a period of time it can become a challenge to even dream again. Failure can in fact be a powerful force that will push and compel you toward greater authenticity and even a better outcome.

So allow a Dolphin Tale to speak to your heart, to see things with new insights not just what’s on the surface or just for the entertainment. Go with the intention that it will inspire you to reach for the best that is within you.

Then please take a moment to share below what the Dolphin Tale movie brought up for you and how that will translate in your life or your business.

Sharing is a way of voicing what’s in your heart and mind, and a way of starting or continuing a conversation. It’s an opportunity for you to speak your truth, or take a stand. It’s a way to connect with others and others supporting and rooting for you as they connect with you sharing with them.

Winter's Story of A Dolphin Tale

Be sure to visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium official home of Winter website and be amazed at how this true story opens your heart to all possibilities, where you can dare to dream!

National Geographic Story on Winter A Dolphin Tale

As you will find out, Winter played herself in the movie — there is a great interview we found at National Geographic, sharing the story on the real life rescue of Winter – Be Inspired!

Love & Blessings,

Brenda Blindenbach recommends A Dolphin Tale
p.s.  In our comments area you may share with us if you might have been feeling overwhelmed and depressed and how the story of Winter A Dolphin Tale has helped you, or visit our social networking sites.